City Breaks In Lyon - Looking for a weekend away full of gastronomy and wine? Go no further than Beaujolais and the Rhône Valley; perfect for quick city breaks in Lyon or quiet retreats in luxury vineyard spa hotels. This write-up is from SmoothRed’s own Anna, who’s just returned from the region. Just a couple of hours’ flight – or […]
Win a trip for two to Bordeaux! - Well, here’s something special for you. To celebrate – oh, let’s say the harvest – we’ve decided to give away a rather special prize: two nights at the magnificent Grand Hotel in Bordeaux and a half day’s wine tour of the Margaux and Haut-Medoc region! It’s easy as anything to enter – just head over […]
grapes-in-hamds SmoothRed Harvest Experiences - It’s one of the most exciting times of the year for any viticulture aficionado worth their salt (we know you’re out there) – the end of August sees the northern hemisphere celebrate the harvest. Across the USA, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and beyond, vineyards will be at their busiest as they pluck the […]
Swiss-wine-tours-2 A step into the unknown… - France, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Ask a lot of people and you’ll find those countries held up high as their go-to wine destinations of choice – and why not? They’re beautiful places to be, full of all sorts of things to see and do and produce some of the absolute finest wines on the planet. Touching […]
Provence-Vineyard August’s Wine of the Month - The latest from our resident wine expert, Tony: “Has to be a rosé with all the recent sunshine we’ve been experiencing, and what better than Château D’Esclans’ iconic wine – we had a few magnums of it for my son’s thirtieth birthday! What a treat it was too, produced by Sacha Lichine and named Whispering […]
historia-bento-goncalves An Olympian Wine - Brazil isn’t the most well-known region in the world when it comes to wine. It’s certainly living in the shadow of some of its neighbours, such as, for example, Chile or Argentina. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t produce its fair share of corking wines, though. Its tropical climate is a bit of an issue (South […]
Fotolia_87851527_L SmoothRed On Instagram: Our Picks - Here at SmoothRed, we tend to be lucky to get around a fair bit. Part of delivering the service we do requires knowing what we’re talking about – and sometimes that means getting stuck in with Europe’s wine regions. One nice little side-effect of that, of course, is that we’ve got a lovely collection of […]
On Swiss Winemaking - How often have you tried Swiss wine? Unless you’re something of a connoisseur, the answer may well be ‘never’. Even if you are, it’s hardly going to be a regular presence in your cellar – unless you’re Swiss yourself, of course. It’s surprising, then, that the country is as much of a wine producer as […]
Credit: Arnaud Bertrande Inside the Bordeaux Wine Museum - As if you needed another reason to visit Bordeaux. La Cité du Vin is the world’s largest wine museum, and opened back at the end of May this year. Located in the city itself – a suitably neutral position which nicely circumnavigates the issue of having to decide which particular region or bank in Bordeaux […]
wine A SmoothRed Discovery - Here’s a find and a half: SmoothRed’s director and resident wine expert, Tony Stebbings, has come across this little gem in his own collection. It’s Champagne, of course – nothing but the best – from some little-known estate called Moët & Chandon. We can’t quite date it specifically, but you can just make out that […]
Casa-Museu_Jardins Trip Highlight: The Lisbon Wine Experience - Well, you can’t say it’s not topical. Football fans, general sports aficionados and generally everybody with any sort of finger on any sort of pulse will know that Portugal, those not-so-scampy, not-so-underdogs, have just soared to victory in the 2016 Euros against the host nation of France. In typical Portuguese style, the celebrations in Lisbon […]
Palio_di_Siena_-_Assunta_2011_-_Torre_2 Next Month: The Palio di Siena - We tend not to dedicate entire blog posts to one-off events or festivals – or, at least, we’ve never done it before now, accustomed as we are to writing up bizarre lists and hard-to-find wine recommendations instead. That should shed some light, then, on just how exciting the Palio di Siena is. It’s something you’ve […]
vineyard 5 English Wines To See You Through Summer - Sometimes, sticking to the classics – be it France, Spain, Italy, the USA, Australia or anywhere else like that – can get a bit samey. That’s not to say those regions don’t have more to discover in wine than anyone could possibly dream of, but it’s nice to go a bit further afield once in […]
champagne The Wines of Euro 2016 - Unless you’ve spent the last week or so living under a particularly hefty rock, you’ll probably be aware of the fact that France is currently hosting the 2016 UEFA Euros – one of the more prestigious tournaments in a little-known game called ‘football’. As we often like doing at SmoothRed, we’ve gone and thrown together […]
Telegraph logo SmoothRed in the Telegraph’s world’s greatest wine tours - Our new Napa Valley wine tour has made the Telegraph’s world’s greatest wine tours list. So if you want to try some New World Cabernets and Pinot Noirs this is the holiday for YOU. Enjoy two days of escorted wine tours, with five star hotels and Michelin-star meals all for just £2,636pp. Find out more about our […]
castle banner Happy Birthday Your Majesty, some Chateaux for your perusal… - Happy Birthday your Majesty. Today marks the impressive ninetieth birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. So we felt it quite appropriate to announce that our château stays are now live! You don’t have to be royalty to stay in a castle so we’ve picked our top five châteaux for your perusal…. Avignon – Stay in a luxury 4* Château […]
puglia The best company with pasta? Primitivo in Puglia - The region of Puglia lies in the heel of Italy and is a wine and food lover’s paradise. Home to some of the world’s finest primitivo wines and an honest earth-to-table cuisine this is one of our favourite places to recommend for foodies, wine enthusiasts and sensualists – with one of the longest coastlines in […]
napa vineyard New Wine Tours for 2016 - Napa is ready for YOU… It’s been talked about over many bottles of red and now, after months of meticulous planning and immersing ourselves in the region (not the hardest part) we are delighted to announce that SmoothRed’s Californian wine tours are now LIVE!  California’s Sonoma and Napa Valleys are  arguably the world’s finest regions for New World wines; vast and beautiful, rustic […]
yeat 6 Wine cocktail, wine shaped pool, wine skincare, wine cellar, wine barrel bed – check - We’ve got something for wine lovers and wine fanatics!  Our Luxury Porto Wine Experience consists of two nights  relaxing at a five star hotel with a decanter shaped swimming pool, a wine list so long it’s a magazine, award winning grape seed spa treatments, a 25,000 bottle on-site wine cellar and a bed in a wine barrel, not to […]
wine case 3 Nice Wine Gadget… - How to travel safely with your beloved wine? Grab yourself a ‘VineGardeValise’ which, if you speak French, it does what it says on the tin – a ‘Wine Guard Case’.  These handy (and quite good looking) little suitcases are virtually indestructible with a hard shell and high density filling. Plus the ‘temperature-regulating foam’ ensures your wine is not […]