Armazém Taylor Foto de Semen Kuzmin 5 In support of Port! - Christmas may be over, but Port seems very much here to stay; and growing in popularity as an all-round drink of choice. We think we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in 2016! Most recently, Port has been the perfect ‘man gift’ at Christmas or a delicious companion to chocolate, dessert or cheese and […]
rioja wine festival 4 Our pick of Europe’s best Wine Festivals in 2016! - January is a time to dream?  So get out your 2016 diary and fill in these dates for the best 2016 wine festivals! The Gewurztraminer  Wine Festival, Bergheim, Alsace from 30th to 31st June 2016 The Gewurztramminer ‘wine feast’ takes place in the Bergheim vineyards on the world famous Alsace wine route during the 30th and 31st June. It begins with […]
BEST 100 We made the list! 49th in the best 100 holidays 2015 - We’re please to announce that we came 49th in the Sunday Times’s list of the best 100 holidays in 2015!  And it’s also a fact that booking a holiday makes you instantly happier (according to a study done in the Netherlands) So click here to see if we can arrange a special holiday for you this 2016! […]
IMG_6647 33 Hours in Bordeaux - Was this the best Christmas party in the world? We think so!  After a long week in the office, nothing beats jumping on a plane for a mini break. Our destination was of course Bordeaux – not just your average Christmas party! Once we touched down in Bordeaux, we were whisked off by Pierre to the […]
dry jan A dry January? Why it’s not a good idea! - Looking for the perfect antidote to a dry January? We have it! Try something new! Firstly, here are 3 good reasons why you shouldn’t stop drinking in January! January is a hard month. Filled with post-Christmas blues, post-Christmas debts,  feeling obliged to diet, incessant rain and never ending darkness.  Give yourself a break. Complete abstinence […]
lynch bages 1995 A Light Lunch with Winestein… - Tony Stebbings (a.k.a Winestein) is in full Christmas swing. If you’re thinking of a festive lunch, it seems you can’t go wrong with a Chateaubriand and a Chateau Brown Pessac Leognan! Here’s Tony’s account of a recent light lunch with friends. ‘Tis the season afterall! “When a friend of mine said yesterday, do join us for a light […]
chablis panoramic SmoothRed Burgundy Tasting - The latest Burgundy report from SmoothRed “I was invited to an excellent Albert Bichot Burgundy tasting last week, and what a treat it was to be able to taste a full range of over 40 wines from the 2014 Vintage. In Bichot’s very well-presented tasting booklet, they state that following two small harvests of 2012 and 2013, the […]
10 SmoothRed in Porto and the Douro, with Adam Stebbings - Adam Stebbings is SmoothRed’s founder and director. In October 2015, he visited Porto and the Douro Valley for three days of tours and tastings of the region’s very finest wineries. This is his report. Day 1 Our trip to Porto began in style with a wonderful lunch at the Barão Fladgate restaurant, a spectacular location […]
oo SmoothRed in Bordeaux, with Hugo Rose MW - Hugo Rose is a UK-based Master of Wine with over 30 years’ experience in the wine industry. In October 2015, he travelled to Bordeaux with SmoothRed director Adam Stebbings, to host a SmoothRed Deluxe Bordeaux Experience for ten VIP clients. This is his report. Day One The combination of fine autumnal weather, stunning vineyard visits and […]
Champagne caves 5 Champagne Aficionados from Fiction - So, last week saw the world celebrate International Champagne Day (yep, it’s a thing), and today sees the release of SPECTRE, the latest in a line of films featuring a character who is famed for his love of that classic sparkling wine. And that got us thinking – who are the flag-bearers of Champers? James Bond […]
Carcassonne-vignes France’s 5 Most Spectacular Castles and Palaces - If there’s one thing the French do well (apart from the wine, food, culture, language and all that) it’s castles. They’re so good, in fact, that they actually brought them over to England and gave them to us when that little kerfuffle happened in 1066. These are some of France’s best. The Palace of Fontainebleau The […]
redbank-top The 9 Best Celebrity-Owned Wineries - Question: what’s better than opening up a bottle of wine after a hard day’s work? Answer: doing it knowing that the wine was produced by one of the Ghostbusters. Celebrity wines are flourishing nowadays, borne largely out of a combination of people’s love of wine and people’s love of other, more famous people. These are […]
Chateau_de_Brissac The 6 Creepiest Places in (the Wine Regions of) Europe - What with Halloween coming up and everything, we decided that we’d step back from the wine-heavy blogging for a bit and go for something a bit spookier: a simple list of some of the darkest, creepiest places in Europe. Well, not all of Europe – we’ve kept it limited to places that do offer up […]
The 6 Best Gastronomic Specialities from Europe’s Wine Regions - Because a wine trip abroad isn’t just about the wine. Because Europe has so much else to offer. Because, sometimes, you just really, really want to eat. White Truffles – Piedmont, Puglia & Tuscany White truffles – a unique and highly aromatic marble-tinted variation on the esteemed  ‘diamond of the kitchen’ – can be found in a […]
Memorbale Champagne Weekends London’s 6 Best Champagne Bars - This week is National Champagne Week. What this essentially means is that, over the next six days or so, a number of venues around the UK will be partnering with some of the world’s finest Champagne houses to put on a load of fantastic events in celebration of the ultimate fizz. That said, every week is […]
The 5 Best Wine Cocktails - Wine purists, look away now. London Cocktail Week begins on the 5th October and, to celebrate, we’ve decided to try to come up with our very favourite wine-based cocktails. Forget your Mojitos, your Margaritas and your Martinis – these are the drinks you want to be rustling up when you’re after something that’s just about […]
Wine tasting in France Wines of the Rugby World Cup: Pool D - Find Pool A here. Find Pool B here. Find Pool C here. So, tomorrow’s the big day – and, just in time, we’ve got our last part of our guide to the wines of the Rugby World Cup. More exciting than the impending beginning of the games, however – more exciting even than the prospect […]
ddu_main_nz_01 Wines of the Rugby World Cup: Pool C - Find Pool A here. Find Pool B here. Two days to go; we’re getting close. Today, New Zealand (hobbit wine), Argentina (Latino wine), Tonga (no wine), Georgia (old wine) and Namibia (unlikely wine). Commençons. Pool C New Zealand New Zealand, like it’s bigger brother Australia, is pretty on the ball when it comes to wine. Ten major […]
Wines of the Rugby World Cup: Pool B - Find Pool A here. As we inch ever closer to the beginning of the Rugby World Cup – as pitches are prepared, as players psych themselves up, as a legion of confused non-rugby fans desperately try to figure out the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League – so to does our 4-part guide to […]
Untitled Wines of the Rugby World Cup: Pool A - In just over a week, England will play host to the eighth quadrennial Rugby World Cup. Twenty teams will converge on stadiums all around the country to battle it out for that prestigious top spot. And oh, just imagine how excited we were when we realised that every single one of those countries produces wine. Well, […]